As we looked into honey bottles we heard that the Muth Jar was the first jar to have been specifically made for honey, I had to check it out.

Charles F. Muth established a grocery 1860 until 1883. The grocery store changed and carried the name Charles F. Muth & Sons, dealers in seeds, honey, beeswax and apiarian supplies. During his 15 years as a beekeeper, Charles invented or improved many beekeeping items, including the Muth Honey Jar in 1879 when the first bottle designed specifically for honey appeared for the first time in their catolog

Charles worked with Illinois Glass of Alton, Illinois, K.G.B. in Steubenville, Ohio, Whitall Tatum & Co. of Millville, N.J. to take the “pickle and horseradish” jars and turn them into Muth Honey Jars.